JCF honored by Les Amis De La place Dumas.

What a great honor and privilege for Jeremie Charitable Foundation to be a recipient of Les Amis De La place Dumas.

Thank Alou, Adrien, Eddy, Gary, Jean Claude, Thony, Nick and Nido for recognizing our hard work but, we all know without the help of so many this would not be possible.

Thank you from the entire JCF Team for the recognition.

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Hurricane Relief Update

Several of our sister charities and teams have been on the ground in Haiti for the past week . They assessed the damage and the needs of the people and  here at JCF are working to meet those goals. We are now focused on clean water and rebuilding the homes in the heavily affected areas.

For the next few weeks, we will be focusing our donation and collection on water purification tablets and Lifesaver cans.Earlier this year we started project One Drop and we are over the moon about bringing it into fruition.

You can donate here



or If you wish to purchase items here are links below. You can ship them to

Jeremie Charitable Foundation 

8260 NW 44th Ct 

Lauderhill ,Fl 33351

Where to buy :

Water Storage Kits

To purchase large amounts of Aqua Tabs


Lifesaver Jerrycan

Amazon : Portable Aqua Tablets

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Hurricane Matthew Relief

As many of you know Hurricane Matthew has ravaged a few Caribbean island in the last few days . We have not been able to get in contact with the JCF team that is currently in Haiti , but in the meantime we are gathering together with several different organizations to aide the aftermath of the heavily affected areas .

We will be updating donation locations here on JeremieCf.Org as well as reposting information from www.Lunionsuite.com

We will also begin the process of securing items for survival kits that we will be creating and shipping out ASAP .Below are items needed thus far .

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Mission Trip 2015

We will be accepting donations this year . 
The following items are needed :
Classroom decoration ,Crayons,Deodorant, Maps , Pens , Pencils , Toothpaste ,Toothbrushes , Soap ,backpacks,Feminine hygiene products .

Not able to donate physically , a $25.00 donations provides a years worth of  school books and notebooks for one student .
Head over to WWW.JEREMIECF.ORG or email 


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A Journey to Opportunity |Event coverage inside!

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of hosting 100+ of our awesome JCF supporters. We are so grateful that we were able to not only reach out goal but surpass it by 50%. Thank you all so much and we can't wait to do this again .

Special Thank you to all of the Sunshine Cleaning employees for their donations to make sure that the event was a success.