Current Campaign

Revolve Kids Creative Camp


For the past few years I have been working on Revolve : Children’s Creative Camp , a small yet productive day camp where the kids can express their artistic and athletic abilities ,while also learning about hygiene and how to just have fun as a kid.


When the idea first came to me , I shared it with 3 individuals who were ready and willing to travel with me and my mothers organization to Haiti help orchestrate such a large amazing event .Since first speaking the idea into existence , i have received some love and support.

With that being said we are more then happy to take all the help we can. At the moment we are working on allocating funds and resource to take 10 or more special volunteers with us on this mission trip in October 2016

We have already collected majority of the supplies needed for the kids to go to school comfortable now our focus is on making their class rooms a safe and great place to learn.Think about your kindergarten classroom and how it was filled with color ,warmth and expression. I believe each kid should have that amazing atmosphere. 

Once we have created this great learning place for these kids we want to give the kids a activity filled day with Dance class, football games and art classes. Our goal is to leave this kids with an meaningful education memory .To show them they are loved and we are hear to teach them .

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